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Dig This! Liz Phair

The Phairest of Them All

Chicago Singer liz Phair Is Voice Of The New (For Better Or For Worse)

Dark Light

A few of Liz’s favorite things:

Album: Exile in Guyville
New CD out soon
Marital status: Single… with boyfriend

Music video: Björk’s Human Behavior. I love it when a girl I identify with has superhuman powers!

Mythological Character: Athena. She could shoot and hunt and she was still sexy. The people who fell in love with her seemed to appreciate her strengths.

Subject: The Baroque period of art history. I like anything that can balance extremes tastefully.

Movie: Dazed and Confused. It was a film about the past, but it also seemed to be about what kids in this country long for… to have a sense that authority is there to be rebelled against.

Actor: Wiley Wiggins! Seeing him made me sorry I was old.

Sex Symbol: Iggy Pop. He’s got an amazing body and a really unruly mind… which is important for a sex symbol.

Book: Girl, Interrupted, by Susan Kaysen. Winona Ryder sent it to me. It’s a true story written by a woman who was put into a psychiatric ward when she was 17. It was so frightening because I related so well to that psyche. I remember a period in my life when I just wanted to drop out.

Poet: Langston Hughes. He used jazz to write poetry and I use rock to write poetry.

Band: Pavement. Sometimes I wonder… what am I doing this for? This sucks! Then I’ll listen to a Pavement album and I’ll remember what it’s all about.

By Amy Talkington
Seventeen, September 1994

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