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Credits & Additional Resources

Dark Light was created and is maintained by Robbie McCown (@robbiemccown) — a longtime Liz Phair fan originally from the San Francisco Bay Area who now resides in Nashville, Tennessee.


The site includes information culled from multiple resources throughout the web. Below is list of credits and resources. More to be added as additional information is included.

  • Approximately 75% of the articles from 1991-2008 were lifted from the archives of the Mesmerizing site with permission by Ken Lee. Several of the pull quotes and interviews found throughout the various discography pages and other listings are also leveraged from these and other articles.
  • Approximately 25% of the articles from 1991-2008 were sourced through internet searches, access to online newspaper/editorial archives, or magazine/newspaper clippings within my own collection. Whenever possible, corresponding magazine covers, photos, scans, and other information are included in the article transcription. Attribution placed where known/possible. Please notify me if you notice recognize where attribution is incorrect (but please cite your source).
  • Articles from 2009-present have been sourced by me (unless otherwise noted) through internet searches, or magazines/newspaper clippings within my own collection.
  • Note: several articles have yet to be transcribed and will be included soon.
  • Album, single, and other release information obtained from my personal collection, fan contributions, article excerpts, and sources including (but not limited to)
  • Some discography pages may feature incomplete listings/images, but will be further fleshed out with future updates.
  • Most of the content from the Girly-Sound page was leveraged from Wild & Unwise, a fan site formerly maintained by Robert Joyner.
  • Live 98 album artwork and information provided by Eric Torino.

Additional Resources


Back in the 90s, there were numerous fan sites about Liz Phair, but Mesmerizing outlasted them all. Created and maintained by Ken Lee, Mesmerizing was extremely thorough in its discography and news coverage of Liz. Although dormant since 2012, the site is still online and continues to be a valuable source of archived information.

Support System

Support System is an active Liz Phair fan discussion group on Facebook which is administrated by Jason Long. It was previously an email list where fans would subscribe and be added to a distribution list to discuss Liz and her music. Its current member count is over 1,800 members and discussions about Liz and her music happen daily.

Liz Phair: Official Site

The official site for Liz Phair, which is operated by Liz’s management. It serves mostly as a place to announce Liz’s latest album, Soberish, as well as tour dates (when available) and a link to her merchandise.

Liz Phair @ Twitter

Liz’s Twitter page, where she posts fairly regularly.

Brad Wood: Official Site

The official site for producer extraordinaire, Brad Wood, who has worked on many of Liz’s albums, as well as records or Veruca Salt, Placebo, Ben Lee, Pete Yorn, and the Smashing Pumpkins.

Chrysalis Records

The official site for Liz’s current record label. There’s honestly not much here other than links to Liz’s social/steaming channels.

Casey Rice: Official Site

The official site for musician/producer/engineer, Casey Rice, who was one of the earlier musicians Liz worked with alongside Brad Wood.

Liz Phair @ Discogs

Discogs is an online database that keeps meticulous facts about every release for any artist. These are all submitted through fans and customers over time and are maintained through strict guidelines and constant updates. label. This is the best place to find specific facts and details about Liz’s music.

Liz Phair @ Bandcamp

Liz’s official presence on Bandcamp.

Liz Phair @ Mastodon

Liz uses Mastodon regularly since leaving Twitter. Follow her here.

Corrections & Submissions

The thoroughness and accuracy of this site depends on contributions of fellow fans. If you have something that you feel would be valuable to feature, please email

When submitting content, please be sure to include your name for credit inclusion.

Examples of useful content:

  • Scans of articles, magazine covers, images. Please try to include photo credit or provide it when submitting.
  • Photos taken by fans, including meet & greet photos, live performances, etc. If submitting tour photos, please try to include date/year of performance.
  • Full live performances. is independently owned and operated. All relative images and media content is the copyright of their respective persons and is featured here for informational purposes only.