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First Love, Last Rites: Music From The Motion Picture

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First Love, Last Rites was the debut feature film by director Jesse Peretz (founding member of alternative rock band The Lemonheads) that starred Natasha Gregson Wagner and Giovanni Ribisi.

The film’s soundtrack was provided by Shudder to Think, an alternative rock/pop band that formed in 1986.

Although the band performs on every track, they teamed up with several different artists, including the late Jeff Buckley, Nina Persson of the Cardigans, Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, and Liz Phair, to provide vocals on specific tracks. Liz was featured in their song, “Erecting a Movie Star.”

Shudder to Think: Music From the Motion Picture First Love, Last Rites (1998)

Released: August 25, 1998
Label: Sony Music Soundtrax / Epic
Format: CD
Country: US, Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan
Availability: Moderate

“Erecting a Movie Star” written by Craig Wedren and Shudder to Think.

Lead Vocals by Liz Phair
Performed by Shudder to Think
Drums by Kevin March

Mixed by Carl Glanville and J. Nicholas
Assistant Engineer: Sharon Kearney
Produced by Shudder to Think

01. Shudder to Think feat. Jeff BuckleyI Want Someone Badly2:36
02. Shudder to Think feat. Liz PhairErecting a Movie Star2:42
03. Shudder to ThinkDiamonds, Sparks & All2:50
04.Shudder to Think feat. Billy CorganWhen I Was Born, I Was Bored1:28
05.Shudder to Think feat. Nina PerssonAppalachian Lullaby4:02
06.Shudder to ThinkAirfield Dream0:31
07.Shudder to Think feat. Robin ZanderAutomatic Soup3:36
08.Shudder to ThinkLonesome Dove1:53
09.Shudder to Think feat. John DoeSpeed of Love2:36
10.Shudder to Think feat. Angela McCluskyDay Ditty3:55
11.Shudder to Think feat. Lena KarlssonThe Wedding Is Over3:34
12.Shudder to Think feat. Matt JohnsonJelly On The Table2:26
13.Shudder to Think feat. Alan Sparhawk & Mimi ParkerJust Really Wanna See You3:38
14.Shudder to ThinkI Want Someone Badly2:36
15.Shudder to ThinkFinal Dream0:50


Take off your right hand
‘Cause you don’t use it a lot
In dreams you’re so scant, but so what?
At the wrecking ball

Your eyes were open
You had them flown in at birth
Your skin is hempen
And Tre’s dearth
Erecting a movie star

I saw you there
You had your lover so fair in your heart
Arrived in really bloody make-up and scarf
I caught your breath
You are the flower sewn into the bar
But what we’re trying hard to make is a stem
It’s self sale art

Take off your right hand
‘Cause you don’t use it a lot
Your dreams are so scant
But so what?

You’re a pecking doll
Who red lips the Coolliard’s “Joshua”
Who just missed the Murder Car dopey dance
From baby to baby to hotel bar playbacks

Saw you there
You had your lover, a feather in arm
Berated kisses in the wake of the smart

Just bobbing there
Your partner spilled up the stairs to the bar
Which is a really small estate on a farm

Well, don’t you care?
I saw you there
With your blue-blond hair
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