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“Jealousy” was the third single from Liz’s second album, Whip-Smart, but it never received a physical release outside of a promotional single that was submitted to radio stations.

The buzz for Whip-Smart had started to dwindle around this time making it difficult for the album to maintain momentum, therefore making “Jealousy” the final single for the album.

“Jealousy” was ultimately featured as the first track on Liz’s first EP, Juvenilia, which was released later that summer.

The jealousy theme is about my imagination of what’s going on, which is far more outrageous than what’s actually going on. That feeling of “He’s so great, he’s got a million-dollar car,” when really it’s probably something like $5,700. With a trade-in.

Liz Phair on “Jealousy”
Details, August 1995

Jealousy (US Promotional Single)

Jealousy (1995)

Released: April 13, 1995
Label: Matador (PRCD 6199) / Atlantic
Format: CD (Promotional)
Country: US
Availability: Rare

Written by Liz Phair
Produced and mixed by Brad Wood and Casey Rice

Guitar and vocals by Liz Phair
Drums and bass by Brad Wood

01. Jealousy (Album Version)3:38


The video for “Jealousy” premiered on MTV’s 120 Minutes on August 6, 1995.

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