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Since the beginning of her professional recording career, Liz has amassed an impressive catalog of full-length albums, singles, guest appearances, and more.

This section is not 100% complete but includes many of the more noteworthy releases.


To date, Liz has released seven full-length albums. Click on any album cover to view detailed information.

Exile in Guyville (1993)
Whip-Smart (1994)
whitechocolatespaceegg (1998)
Liz Phair (2003)
Somebody’s Miracle (2005)
Funstyle (2010)
Soberish (2021)


Click on any image below for more detailed information.

Please note that some singles are not listed here as they either didn’t contain a physical release or information relating to them is included or referenced in their corresponding album in the “Albums” section above.

Carnivore (1993)
Supernova (1994)
Whip-Smart (1995)
Jealousy (1995)
Rocket Boy (1996)
The Tra La La Song (One Banana, Two Banana) (1996)
Polyester Bride (1998)
Johnny Feelgood (1999)
Why Can’t I? (2003)
Extraordinary (2003)
Everything to Me (2005)
Dotted Line (2012)
Good Side (2019)
Hey Lou (2021)

Extended Plays

Also known as EPs, Extended Plays are essentially shorter, abbreviated collections; not enough to fill a standard album, but usually larger than traditional single releases.

Juvenilia (1995)
comeandgetit (2003)
Rolling Stone Original (2005)

Compilations: Liz Phair

The titles listed here are compilations that exclusively feature Liz Phair.

Selections From Exile In Guyville & Whip-Smart (1998)
Retrospective (2003)
iTunes Originals (2005)
Icon (2014)
Girly-Sound to Guyville (2018)


The titles listed here are reserved for film and television soundtracks that Liz has contributed to.

Please note that currently, only soundtracks that feature noteworthy or non-album tracks are listed. For non-soundtrack compilations, view that specific section below. Additional titles to be added in the future.

Higher Learning (Music From The Motion Picture) (1994)
Kids in the Hall – Brain Candy (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1996)
Stealing Beauty (1996)
Shudder to Think: Music From the Motion Picture First Love, Last Rites (1998)
Music From and Inspired by Desperate Housewives (2005)
Nancy Drew: Music From the Motion Picture (2007)

Compilations: Various Artists

The titles listed here are compilations that feature noteworthy or non-album tracks by Liz.

This section is not 100% complete; additional entries are to be added in the future.

Chinny Chin Chin: 4 N.Y. Bands (1991)
Saturday Morning (Cartoons’ Greatest Hits) (1995)
Random Acts 2 (1995)
Get Yer La-La’s Out (1996)
What’s Up Matador (1997)
Lilith Fair 98: A Starbucks Blend (1998)
Q101 Local.101 Volume One (1998)
Modern Day Storytellers (1998)
Just Passin’ Thru No. 2 – An HFS Session (1998)
Lilith Fair: A Celebration of Women in Music Volume 3 (1999)
Trampoline Records: Greatest Hits Vol. II (2003)
Sounds of the Season: The NBC Holiday Collection (2003)
ONXRT: Live From The Archives Volume 11 (2008)
City Sounds: Volume 2 (2009)
All is Bright (2014)
The Endless Coloured Ways: The Songs of Nick Drake (2023)
The Endless Coloured Ways: The Songs of Nick Drake (2023)

Unofficial Releases

Titles featured here include several bootleg releases and fan-created collections.

Note that this section will be continuously growing as additional recordings are discovered or submitted by contributors.

Fuck And Run (1995)
Clean As A Whistle (1995)
Pottymouth Girl (1995)
Secretly Timid (1995)
Glory (1996)
WCSE Sessions (1999)
’96 Shelved Demos (1999)
Hurricane Elizabeth (2018)
Hey Lou, Hey Liz (2021)
Live ’98 (2021)
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