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Liz has appeared on other artists’ albums and singles in her career. Below are known appearances.

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Ashtray Boy – The Honeymoon Suite (1993)

Ashtray Boy – “Shirley MacLaine” & “Infidel”

Title: The Honeymoon Suite
Released: 1993
Label: Feel Good All Over / Scout Releases
Format: CD

Recorded in Chicago in July 1992. Liz provides prominent vocals to the tracks “Shirley MacLaine” and “Infidel.” This album was originally released in 1993, but re-issued in 1995 with a different sequencing.

Ben Lee – Grandpaw Would (1995)

Ben Lee – “Away With The Pixies”

Title: Grandpaw Would
Released: June 22, 1995
Label: Grand Royal
Format: CD, Vinyl

Liz provides background vocals to “Away With The Pixies.” She also appears on the hidden track at the end of “My Guitar.”

Grandpaw Would was recorded at Idful Studios with Casey Rice providing guitar on “Stumbling Block” and Brad Wood providing percussion and other effects.

Urge Overkill – Exit The Dragon (1995)

Urge Overkill – “Digital Black Epilogue”

Title: Exit The Dragon
Released: September 26, 1995
Label: Geffen Records
Format: CD, Vinyl

“Liz is featured on the album’s final track, “Digital Black Epilogue.” Midway through the song, you can hear a soft-spoken voice in the background – that is Liz Phair. She stopped by the studio one day while we were recording, so we told her to go downstairs and leave us a message into the microphone.” (source: Mesmerizing)

Sheryl Crow – C’mon, C’mon (2002)

SHeryl Crow – “Soak Up The SUn”

Title: C’mon, C’mon
Released: April 16, 2002
Label: A&M Records
Format: CD, Cassette

Liz provided background vocals to Sheryl Crow’s “Soak Up The Sun,” the first single from Sheryl’s album, C’mon, C’mon. Of all of Liz’s guest appearances, her contribution to this track was the most commercially successful, reaching #2 on the Billboard 200.

Wheatus feat. Liz Phair – Baby, It’s Cold Outside (2003)

Wheatus feat. Liz Phair – “Baby, it’s Cold Outside”

Title: Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Released: 2003
Label: Aware Records
Format: Vinyl 7″

Liz teamed up with Wheatus for their rendition of this classic (albeit recently controversial) holiday song.

Eric Hirshberg – Wish I Was Here (2003)

Eric Hirshberg feat. Liz Phair – “Bend”

Title: Wish I Was Here
Released: December 27, 2003
Label: Mean Bed Records
Format: CD

Liz provides backing vocals on the track “Bend” from this 6-song EP.

Pete Yorn – Suspicious Minds (2003)

Pete YORN – “Suspicious Minds (Dawn Version)”

Title: Suspicious Minds
Released: 2003
Label: Columbia
Format: CD

Liz provided background vocals to the “Dawn Version” of Pete Yorn’s “Supsicious Minds.” Released as a promotional single, this version of the song also features Brad Wood on bongos.

Jimmy Eat World – Futures (2004)

Jimmy Eat World – “Work”

Title: Futures
Released: October 11, 2004
Label: Interscope Records / Tiny Evil
Format: CD, 2-LP

Although not credited, Liz provides background vocals to the song “Work” on Jimmy Eat World’s 2004 album, Futures. A deluxe 2-CD edition features a demo version of the song without Liz’s vocals.

Kyle Riabko – Before I Speak (2005)

Kyle Riabko – “Chemistry”

Title: Before I Speak
Released: April 19, 2005
Label: Aware Records / Columbia Records
Format: CD

For his debut album, Before I Speak, Canadian actor/musician tapped Liz to provide guest vocals on the track, “Chemistry.”

Minnie Driver – Sorry Baby (2007)

Minnie Driver – “Sorry Baby”

Title: Seastories
Released: 2007, 2008
Label: Zoë Records / Trampoline Records / Rounder Records / Decca
Format: CD

Although more known as an actress, Minnie Driver has also released three albums. Her sophomore album, Seastories, features Liz on background vocals for the single, “Sorry Baby.”

Doc Dauer Presents The Body Rocks: Songs About the Human Body (2012)


Title: The Body Rocks: Songs About the Human Body
Released: 2012
Label: Rounder Records
Format: CD

The Body Rocks: Songs About the Human Body is a children’s album created by Marc “Doc” Dauer. Liz provides vocals to the songs “Everything’s Controlled By The Brain,” “Sight Is One Of Our Senses,” “The Heart Beats Lub Dub,” “We’re All Big Fans of Glands,” Oxygen Is Our Friend,” and “Food Gives Energy To Me And You.”

Bryan Master – For People Like Us (2011)

Bryan Master feat. Liz Phair – “Let Me Come In”

Title: For People Like Us
Released: March 15, 2011
Label: Bonavox Records
Format: CD

Liz provides backing vocals on “Let Me Come In.” This pairing was set up by producer Evan Frankfort, Liz’s writing partner on television scoring projects. (source: Mesmerizing)

Joseph Arthur – The Graduation Ceremony (2011)

Joseph Arthur – The Graduation Ceremony

Title: The Graduation Ceremony
Released: May 23, 2011
Label: Lonely Astronaut
Format: CD, LP

Liz is credited for providing backing vocals to this album by Joseph Arthur, but it’s not specific as to which songs. Madi Diaz, Sibyl Buck, and Brian Cohen are also credited with providing backing vocals.

“Liz was asked to participate by producer John Alagia after a comment Arthur made about how a particular guitar track reminded him of Exile in Guyville.” (source: Mesmerizing)

Rachael Yamagata – Heavyweight (2012)

Rachael Yamagata – “Has it Happened Yet”

Title: Heavyweight
Released: November 20, 2012
Label: Frankenfish Records
Format: CD

Liz provided her guitar skills instead of her voice for Rachael Yamagata’s Heavyweight EP. Liz is credited as providing electric guitar on the track, “Has It Happened Yet.”

Tegan and Sarah Present The Con X: Covers (2017)

Ryan Adams – “Back In Your Head”

Title: Tegan and Sara Present The Con X: Covers One
Released: October 20, 2017
Label: Warner Bros. Records / Vapor Records
Format: CD, LP, Digital

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of their album, The Con, artists Tegan and Sara released a compilation of other artists covering the original tracklisting. Ryan Adams provided a cover of their hit “Back In Your Head” with Liz providing backing vocals. Although originally included in the set, it was later pulled in and replaced with Cyndi Lauper’s rendition. Streaming platforms have also removed Adams’ version from US regions.

Pete Yorn – Here Comes Your Man (2018)

Pete Yorn feat. Liz Phair – “Here Comes Your Man”

Title: Here Comes Your Man
Released: August 10, 2018
Label: Capitol Records
Format: Digital

Pete Yorn collaborated with Liz again on a cover of the Pixies’ “Here Comes Your Man.” Released as a digital single in the summer of 2018, the song also features production and guitar work by Mark “Doc” Dauer. The single would later be released on Yorn’s Sings The Classics album on CD and vinyl released in 2020. is independently owned and operated. All relative images and media content is the copyright of their respective persons and is featured here for informational purposes only.