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Why Can’t I?

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“Why Can’t I?” was the first single off of Liz Phair’s fourth album, Liz Phair, and it was released in both European Union and Canadian markets.

“Why Can’t I?” was one of four songs Phair wrote with The Matrix production team and it became one of her most successful commercial singles, appearing on multiple film soundtracks during the 2000s.

Why Can’t I? (2003)

Released: May 5, 2003
Label: Capitol Records
Format: Vinyl LP, CD, Digital
Country: EU, Canada
Availability: Somewhat Rare

Track 1 written by Liz Phair, Lauren Christy, Graham Edwards, Scott Spock
Produced by The Matrix
Additional production by Andrew Slater
Mixed by Serban Ghenea

Tracks 2, 3 written by Liz Phair and Gary Clark
Produced by Michael Penn
Mixed by Mike Shipley

01. Why Can’t I?3:28
02. Jeremy Engle3:10
03. Fine Again2:47

“My hope was that someone would hear the song in the gym and buy the record and then start buying my albums and sort of have an awakening. I pictured someone who just sort of did whatever mainstream told them to do—the woman at the gym who heard the song and bought the song and then slowly started to have uncomfortable thoughts. I like that idea.”

Liz Phair
Vice, April 30, 1998


Like the album it belongs to, “Why Can’t I?” was subject to some of Phair’s most mixed reviews. However, the track remains her highest-charting single, reaching #7 on Billboard’s Adult Top 40. It peaked at #32 on the Hot 100 and was certified gold.

Video: Why Can’t I?

Director: Phil Harder
Released: June 2003

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