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Liz Phair

What’s playing in Liz Phair’s ear?

Phair-minded: Liz talks

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Christina, Britney, and the gang write half-naked making the world their gynecologist, but for years their spiritual godmother Liz Phair has been addressing hormonal issues even more directly. From her 1993 indie debut, Exile in Guyville, to her more radio-friendly recent album, Liz Phair, the divorced mom, 36, has been bluntly sexual and always relevant.

By Michael Musto
Out, March 2004

Musto: Hi sexy mama. I hear you’re going back on the road on February 26. Do you like bus-touring?
Phair: I do. Sometimes it’s like Outward Bound for adults — really hard sometimes, but, oh, the camaraderie.

OK, let’s cut to the chase. Your song, “H.W.C.” has lyrics like “Gimme your hot, white come” — for a beauty regimen, yet. Has that charming ditty ever been played on the radio?
I hope so. It’s good enough for me to know that at least there’s a couple of young girls singing along, superhappy, not knowing what they’re saying.

And boys!
It’s theraputic. I wasn’t being mischievous when I wrote it. I was totally being sincere.

So you actually rub the stuff into your pores?
I do. But not as a daily ablution or anything.

I’d try it, except no one I’ve slept with has ever orgasmed.
Shut up!

Do people assume that since you were in Lilith Fair, that makes you a lesbian?
It does not! I didn’t know any lesbians in Lilith Fair. That was the best backstage [atmosphere] for dating. Guys were so well-behaved and grateful to have a million women around. And I finally found goals for myself professionally. I admired Sarah and Sheryl… but I don’t think I wanted to be Natalie.

Too much twirling. Have you ever gone lesbian?
I made out with a couple of girls in college. At Oberlin the lesbians were the top of the social pyramid. They were the Heathers — absolutely bitchy and elitist. Once I actually had sex, sort of. I remember thinking it was so much like being with myself hormonally. But I definitely see women I think are superfoxy and turn me on.

Do you have a lesbian, gay, bi, transgendered following?
No transgendered as of yet that I know of. Bisexual you wouldn’t be able to tell, right?

I guess if they hit on both you and your boyfriend.
That would be everybody. I think gay guys applaud my breaking-down of the uptight American mores. Maybe I’m a little bit rough for the lesbian crowd. But in the Southwest I have a huge lesbian following.

Must be the desert heat. Bye, Liz. I’m off to try some H.W.C.!

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