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Hurricane Elizabeth

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Hurricane Elizabeth is a comprehensive fan-made compilation curated by Robbie McCown and is comprised of rarities and b-sides throughout Liz Phair’s 30-year career.

Originally created in 2018, it was intended to simply be a personal playlist but was eventually shared with fans in the Support System fan group on Facebook in 2020 to allow newer fans to listen and download songs that are in many cases impossible to find anywhere else.

Consisting of 66 total tracks, Hurricane Elizabeth is divided into three “discs” of 22 tracks each, in a loose chronological order, so that if desired, each could be transferred to a CD to create a 3-disc set. From start to finish, the entire set is three hours and thirty-six minutes long.

The tracklisting on the third disc has been revised a couple of times to accommodate new additions and make minor adjustments to the running order. The artwork depicted on this page is the most current (and likely final) iteration of the compilation.

Hurricane Elizabeth

Hurricane Elizabeth (2018, 2021)

Released: 2018 (original) 2021 (revised)
Label: None
Format: CR-R, Digital
Country: US

Curated by Robbie McCown
Cover art by Robbie McCown

Disc 1:

01. White Babies1:54
02. Fuck or Die (Girly-Sound Version)3:20
03. Shatter (Girly-Sound Version)6:25
04.Combo Platter4:51
06.Shirley MacLaine2:55
08.Carnivore (Raw)2:18
09.Animal Girl3:58
10.Don’t Have Time3:16
11.Headache (Tylenol Mix)3:21
12.Stuck On An Island2:27
13.White Bird of Texas3:10
14.Greased Lightning2:48
15.Six Dick Pimp3:26
16.Rocket Boy3:21
17.The Tra La La Song (One Banana, Two Banana)3:16
18.Turning Japanese3:38
19.Beginning To See The Light (acoustic)2:52
20.Hurricane Cindy (acoustic)3:13
21.X-Ray Man (remix)2:26
22.Whip-Smart (remix)4:13
Run time: 1 hour, 14 minutes

Track 1 from Chinny Chin Chin: 4 N.Y. Bands compilation.
Track 2 and 3 from the original Girly-Sound cassettes.
Track 4 from the Supernova single.
Track 5 and 8 from the Carnivore single.
Track 6 and 7 from The Honeymoon Suite
Track 9 and 18 from Juvenilia EP.
Track 10 from the Higher Learning soundtrack.
Track 11 unofficial remix by Spacedog.

Track 12 from What’s Up Matador compilation.
Track 13 and 14 from Polyester Bride single.
Track 15 from Brain Candy soundtrack.
Track 16 from Stealing Beauty soundtrack.
Track 17 from Saturday Morning compilation.
Track 19 and 20 from KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic.
Track 21 from Supernova German cassette single.
Track 22 from Whip-Smart promotional single.

Disc 2

01. Wild Thing2:09
02. Instrumentals (alternate version)1:05
03. Ant in Alaska5:48
04.Say You3:25
06.Oh My God (live acoustic)1:31
07.That’s The Way I Like It (live acoustic)2:29
08.Blood Keeper3:53
09.Bars of the Bed (demo)3:28
10.Oh My God (demo)0:58
11.Desperado Theme (demo)1:34
12.Russian Girl (demo)3:28
13.Tell Me You Like Me (demo)2:46
14.Hurricane Cindy2:54
15.Erecting a Movie Star2:42
16.Polyester Bride (live)4:03
17.Freak of Nature2:08
18.Miss Fortune0:35
20.Red Light Fever (alternate version)5:25
22.Tell Me I’m a Liar2:50
Run time: 1 hour, 2 minutes

Tracks 1, 2 from Exile in Guyville 15th anniversary reissue advance promo.
Tracks 3, 4 and 5 from Exile in Guyville 15th anniversary reissue
Tracks 6 and 7 from MTV’s Squirt TV on March 31, 1996.
Track 8 from bonus track on whitechocolatespaceegg Sessions
Tracks 9-13 from whitechocolatespaceegg Sessions

Track 14 from whitechocolatespaceegg Japanese import
Track 15 from First Love, Last Rites soundtrack
Track 16 from Just Passin’ Thru
Track 17 from Q101 Local 101: Volume One compilation
Track 18 from “Cursed” opening theme.
Track 19 unreleased b-side
Track 20 outtake from Liz Phair
Tracks 21 and 22 unreleased b-sides

Disc 3

01.Jeremy Engle3:06
02.Bouncer’s Conversation3:16
03. Fine Again2:42
04. Hurricane Cindy (alternate version)2:18
05. Shallow Opportunities2:35
07.Don’t Apologize2:51
08.Love/Hate Transmission (alternate version)3:39
09.Bouncer’s Conversation (alternate version)3:24
10.Can’t Get Out Of What I’m Into2:52
11.Mother’s Little Helper3:03
12.Perfect Misfit3:00
13.Faith & Tenderness4:04
15.The Real Goodbye4:10
16.Dotted Line4:38
17.Avalanche (Stereo Romance)5:22
18.Winter Wonderland2:31
19.Ho Ho Ho3:22
20.Sweet Jane4:05
22.Spanish Doors (Edit)3:30
Run time: 1 hour, 20 minutes

Tracks 1-5 from comeandgetit EP
Track 6 was an iTunes Exclusive single.
Track 7 taken from Trampoline Records Greatest Hits Vol. 2 compilation
Tracks 8 and 9 unreleased Liz Phair sessions.
Track 10 from Somebody’s Miracle Japanese import.
Track 11 from Desperate Housewives soundtrack.
Track 12 from Nancy Drew soundtrack.
Track 13 from City Sounds Volume 2 compilation.

Track 14 and 15 are unreleased outtakes from Funstyle.
Track 16 from People Like Us soundtrack.
Track 17 from Mesmerizing fansite.
Track 18 from Sounds of the Season compilation.
Track 19 from All is Bright playlist from Amazon.
Track 20 cover of The Velvet Underground recorded for The Good Wife.
Track 21 unreleased cover of Leonard Cohen.
Track 22 non-album digital single from Soberish.

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