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Clean As A Whistle

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Clean As A Whistle was one of a few bootleg releases that saw fairly wide distribution throughout the US in the mid to late 90s. It was generally found in large, local record stores or occasionally at flea markets.

This particular release features two different performances in San Francisco with Liz and her full band (Brad Wood, Casey Rice, Leroy Bach). The first is a full performance at the Great American Music Hall, while the last six tracks is the beginning of her performance at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco earlier that same year. The full show at the Warfield Theater can actually be heard on the Fuck And Run release, even though it’s misidentified as a performance in New Haven, Connecticut.

The songs performed at the Great American Music Hall are also captured on Pottymouth Girl.

Despite the fact that purchasing these bootleg recordings did nothing to support the artist, it’s great to hear what Liz’s earlier performances were like—especially considering her stage fright and general disinterest in performing live at the beginning of her career.

Clean As A Whistle

Clean As A Whistle (1995)

Released: 1995
Label: None
Format: CD
Country: Taiwan
Availability: Rare

Tracks 1-15 were recorded live at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA on December 1, 1993.

Tracks 16-21 recorded live at The Warfield Theater in San Francisco, CA on March 18, 1993.

The back cover erroneously lists the entire album as consisting of 20 tracks when it actually has 21.

01. 6’1″3:38
02. Cinco De Mayo2:50
03. Glory1:49
05.Never Said3:20
06.Explain It To Me5:55
07.Alice Springs2:28
08.Help Me Mary2:12
10.Fuck And Run3:49
14.Strange Loop4:11
15.Divorce Song4:03
18.X-Ray Man2:28
19.Help Me Mary2:33
20.Soap Star Joe3:26
21.Alice Springs2:10
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