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Girl Germs: Girly-Sound

Girly Sound: Girly Sound Cassette

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Girly Sound is this girl who is a band by herself. The first tape I heard of her was Allison’s made by Tae who knows her. It was just voice and acoustic guitar & Allison said she asked Tae if she (G.S.) was folk and he was like: “Oh no, she would not be into that idea at all.” But then Tae made me a cassette a couple of weeks back & he put 2 G.S. songs on it “Gigalo” and “Flower”; these songs are voice with electric guitar and they became my favorite songs. “Gigalo” goes: “…and it gives me something to laugh about, ‘cuz my real life ain’t fuckin funny. ….OOOOOh lord… why…have…you… forsaken…me?” So awesome and “Flower” my extra special favourite song goes: “every time I see your face I get all wet between my legs. ….I want to fuck you like a dog I’ll take you home and make you like it.”

This song sounds like a round with two vocal tracks completely different from each other, and it’s like nothing else I’ve ever heard. Totally inspirational. In fact it inspired me to start my new band Cruella de Ville, which is just me as of yet but I’m open to suggestions. As far as I know, G.S. has only been writing songs since the war, she lives in Chicago now, but will probably be moving somewhere else (Texas?) ‘cuz she is sick of the concrete jungle. If I could remember her name or find her address I would ask her to move to Olympia & be in a band with me. But it’s O.K. cuz I’ll sit in my apartment & write songs & someday maybe we can trade tapes, or send each other songs and record tracks on each other’s tapes & never meet face to face. But still be a band. Is this even feasible?

Maybe I should explain that her voice + her words + her melodies & guitar is what makes her songs so great. Tae says: “they are so honest & so true.” And there is no fear in her voice or her words.

In case you were interested in the entire list, here it is:

  1. New York Drummer Girl Scene
  2. International Pop Underground + I.P.U. convention
  3. Kicking Giant
  4. Girly Sound
  5. Fugazi “Steady Diet Of Nothing” LP / Nation Of Ulysses “13 Pt. Program To Destroy America” LP
  6. Sean Young
  7. Hypocrobats
  8. Jezebel 69
  9. Riot Grrrl
  10. Revolution (summer) riot grrrl style now!

By Molly Neuman
Girl Germs, No. 3, August 1991

Note: Molly Neuman and Allison Wolfe, who co-created Girl Germs, are in the band Bratmobile. Tae Won Yu, one of the two people Liz gave copies of Girly-Sound, was a member of the band Kicking Giant.