Liz Phair - Soberish (2021)
Photo of Liz Phair by Eszter+David
Liz Phair (Photo: Timothy Norris/Getty Images)
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Liz Phair, ‘Soberish’

Liz Phair talks life in exile and making ‘offensive’ punk playlists

The Music Club 2021

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As we near the year’s end, #NowPlaying is recommending songs that slipped through the cracks, but remain in our headphones.

By Otis Hart
Blue Ridge Public Radio, December 21, 2021

It’s easy to overlook legacy rock stars these days. The current wave of talented millennial and Gen Z songwriters is hard enough to keep up with, and it’s not like many guitar heroes make their most memorable work in their 50s. All of which is why you may not have heard the title track to Liz Phair‘s latest album, Soberish — but, damn, if this isn’t one of the best rock songs of the year. A lopsided guitar hook makes for an instantly recognizable intro (one of the most essential ingredients to a memorable song, imho). Her lyrics tell the story of an awkward romantic encounter with humor, grace and sincerity. And there’s this moment during the final refrain when the song’s jittery percussion and guitar adds a warm bassline, casting off the anxiety of the previous three minutes and ending the night in a cathartic embrace. It all makes “Soberish” a lock for that inevitable Liz Phair greatest hits compilation.

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