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Get Yer La-Las Out

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Get Yer La-La’s Out is a compilation that was released in Japan in 1996 that serves as an anthology of singles released through Jim Powers’ Minty Fresh label during its first three years (the label started in 1993).

Liz Phair’s first-ever official single, “Carnivore,” was released on Minty Fresh in October 1993, shortly after the release of Exile In Guyville, as an exclusive 7″ release for the label. Both “Carnivore” and its b-side, “Carnivore (Raw)” are featured here for the first time on CD.

In addition to Liz, Get Yer La-La’s Out also features notable indie-band Veruca Salt (also produced by Brad Wood), Every Good Boy, and the Sugarplastic.

Liz and I met when she was recording Exile in Guyville at Brad Wood’s Idful Studios. I stopped by and Brad played some rough tracks from the record. They were some of the most immediate and engaging songs I could recall ever hearing. Months later, when the label (Minty Fresh) was starting, Liz graciously offered us an exclusive track for a 7″. It was extremely helpful in broadening awareness about Minty Fresh and it’s still gratifying to have the work of one of our favorite songwriters on the label. Yea, Liz. ‘Carnivore (Raw)’ is essentially a demo. We hung a mic over Liz’s guitar amp, gave her a vocal mic, and then Liz played through the song a couple of times. Raw, indeed.

Jim Powers

Get Yer La-La’s Out

Get Yer La-La’s Out (1996)

Released: 1996
Label: Polystar (PSCW-5362) / Minty Fresh (MF-16)
Format: CD
Country: Japan
Availability: Rare

“Carnivore” written by Liz Phair

01. Stump The HostCalifornia Zephyr3:46
02. Stump The HostWorld’s Greatest Liar3:23
03. The Hit ParadeHitomi3:20
04.The Hit ParadeIf You See Her3:45
05.Love JonesI Like Young Girls2:48
06.Love JonesLi’l Black Book3:13
07.Liz PhairCarnivore2:21
08.Liz PhairCarnivore (Raw)2:18
09.Every Good BoyWait ‘Til Your Father Gets Gome4:45
10.Every Good BoyCity Life5:17
11.Veruca SaltSeether3:18
12.Veruca SaltAll Hail Me3:07
13.The Legendary Jon Ruiz GroupMij Amsterdam3:02
14.The Legendary Jon Ruiz GroupMinneapolis2:17
15.The Legendary Jon Ruiz GroupJody2:35
16.Papas FritasPassion Play3:04
17.Papas FritasLame To Be2:48
18.The SugarplasticWhere Dead Bullies Go4:22
19.The SugarplasticLiar Over Winchester4:04



You told me maybe a thousand times
a smart girl would’ve recognized
there isn’t any business in the street
But some nights daddy, I catch you wrapped uptight like a sleeping bag
You’re softly twisting a pinata suspended out of reach

But I know with one good slap I could
take care of that
But who wants to lose the beast of spring?
I guess it started off slow
But it’s picking up speed
And it’s gaining on me like a carnivore

And daylight catches me by surprise
Almost every night
And kicks my way another hole to sleep

I guess it started off slow
But it’s picking up speed
And it’s gaining on me like a carnivore

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Carnivore (1993)
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