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Local.101: Volume One

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Local.101 Volume One is a compilation that was released by Chicago’s WKQX, under Q101 branding, in the summer of 1998.

Local 101 was a show on the radio station that showcased local acts from the Chicago area, from which this compilation curated its tracklisting.

Liz appears on track 11 with “Freak of Nature,” which was an outtake from whitechocolatespaceegg.

The compilation was originally only available through retailers in the Chicago area, but some copies can be found through sources like Discogs and eBay.

Local.101: Volume One

Q101 Local.101: Volume One (1998)

Released: July 21, 1998
Label: Q101
Format: CD
Country: US
Availability: Rare

“Freak of Nature” written by Liz Phair

Vocals, Guitar by Liz Phair
Bass: Chris Wagner
Drums: Denny Fongheiser
Guitar: Alain Johanes

Compilation mastered at Kingsize Sound Labs, Chicago.
Design by Segura Inc. Chicago

01. Dovertail JointLevel On The Inside3:23
02. Smoking PopesI Know You Love Me3:12
03. My Scarlet LifeBlack Limbo3:25
04.A Modern JoyPretty Little Orange3:57
05.FondlyYou Are Ignored2:44
06.ClaireOnce Again3:46
07.PulsarsCool for Cats3:26
08.Kill HannahNerve Gas3:45
09.The RollsSitting on the Sidelines3:32
10.DorisAll You Need2:59
11.Liz PhairFreak of Nature2:07
12.John Huss Moderate ComboYou’re So Basic2:26
13.The Aluminum GroupThe Mattachine Society2:56
15.Certain Distant SunsPlay3:27
16.Local HTalking Smack2:35
18.WilcoPassenger Side8:49


Freak of Nature

Don’t it please you, daddy, don’t it feel good?
Well, I always say, that’s enough reason not to call it a freak of nature

Don’t it stand out, daddy, don’t you see it?
Well, I always say, that’s enough reason not to call it a freak of nature

Man, if you’ve got a one in a million girl,
don’t let her get away
‘Cause the next one in a million girl is a million girls away

So get up off of your ass, daddy,
and call me on the phone
‘Cause I’m sitting here waiting for you to ask me to be your one and only
This isn’t lonely, just serious

Don’t you want to, daddy, don’t you need it?
Well, I always say, that’s enough reason not to call it a freak of nature

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