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Never Said Nothing: Liz Phair looks back on her career with new audiobook

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Released today through Audible in its Words + Music series is Never Said Nothing, a new audiobook in which Liz Phair looks back on her unique career.

The 90-minute episode features both commentary and performances by Liz.

How do you explain Liz Phair? Looking at her career, the word “fearless” seems the right place to start. In Never Said Nothing, the latest in Audible’s Words + Music series, Phair charts her unlikely journey from making her first record—one that’s now ensconced on Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”—to a trial by fire (she’d never set foot on stage before its release), to even more improbably, a second and a third, maybe fourth act, depending on how one counts these things.

In this honest and disarming look inside her unique career, Phair talks of how her meteoric rise was accompanied by an equally intense case of the dreaded imposter syndrome, discovering music’s strange magic, and her possibly unique ability to chart her future through songs. Although she includes herself in the class of ‘ordinary people doing extraordinary things,’ listening to Never Said Nothing, along with her performances—which include “‘6’1,” “Polyester Bride,” and “Stars and Planets,”—one can’t help but feel that ‘fearless person doing extraordinary things’ is the better description.

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Songs featured:

  • 6’1″
  • Fuck and Run
  • Polyester Bride
  • Whip-Smart
  • Little Digger
  • Shitloads of Money
  • Why Can’t I?
  • Stars and Planets
  • The Game
  • Dosage

Listen here.

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