Swayze and Grey in 1987's Dirty Dancing. (©Artisan Entertainment/Courtesy Everett Collection)
Lisa Loeb (Photo: Juan Patino)
Singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco will be replacing Liz Phair this Sunday at the Stern Grove Festival in San Francisco. (Photo: Daymon Gardner)
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Phair and Morissette mentioned for possible soundtrack to ‘Dirty Dancing’ sequel

Lisa Loeb added to Phair’s One-Night Show at Gen X Festival

Ani DiFranco to replace Liz Phair at Stern Grove Festival

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Film to be set in 1990s and will feature music from that decade

Dirty Dancing, the 1987 blockbuster film starring Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze, is getting a sequel. Jonathan Levine, who is set to direct the follow-up for Lionsgate, has told media outlets Grey will return in the role as Frances “Baby” Houseman, but that the film will be set in the ‘90s and center on her character’s daughter.

Levine also mentioned that music from that decade will feature prominently, name-dropping Liz Phair and Alanis Morissette specifically, as artists that will possibly appear in the accompanying soundtrack. 

While no definitive details have been provided on exactly which songs will appear, it’s likely that a track will be pulled from one of Phair’s first three albums.

The film is slated for release in 2024.

Source: Deadline

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