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Morning Glory

Women Who Rock: Liz Phair

All’s Phair in Love and War

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Why is musicfromthemorningafter, last year’s debut by Pete Yorn, still gaining momentum? Meet the latest in a long line of new Jersey working-class heroes.

By Matt Hickey
Magnet, June/July 2002

Liz Phair is also a fan, so much so that she asked Yorn to help with her upcoming An Evening With, scheduled for late summer. “I felt like he voiced the male persona I would most like to Scotch tape over my current boyfriend,” she says. Though Yorn’s role isn’t as extensive as has been reported — he played on some tracks Phair cut with (R. Walt) Vincent but isn’t producing the record (Michael Penn is) — Phair enlisted him to serve as “an inspiration and a challenge because he’s sort of a songwriter whose style is like my own. He was just starting out with all this fire. I felt competitive, and it made me want to kick some ass.”