Singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco will be replacing Liz Phair this Sunday at the Stern Grove Festival in San Francisco. (Photo: Daymon Gardner)
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Liz Phair profiled for Evereve’s ‘Ray of Light’ series

Ani DiFranco to replace Liz Phair at Stern Grove Festival

Watch: Death Cab for Cutie cover Phair’s “Go West”

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“I think the best thing about this stage of my career is feeling like I have some control.” — Liz Phair

Liz Phair is currently featured in clothing retailer Evereve’s Ray of Light series—whose aim is “profiling extraordinary women who are ever-evolving in life and style,” in addition to appearing in the brand’s marketing billboards, advertisements, and e-commerce site.

Liz Phair viewing copies of her previous albums on vinyl. (Source: Evereve)

Evereve’s web spotlight on Phair includes a video showcase, a full photo shoot, and a brief interview with her discussing her sense of style. Shoppers can also shop the various looks Phair models in the photos. Read more on Evereve’s official site.

Evereve is a contemporary women’s fashion retailer co-founded by Megan Tamte in 2004, who currently serves as the company’s CEO and President. In 2014, it spent over $150 million dollars to rebrand itself from its original name, Hot Mama, as a way to squash the confusion that buyers made thinking the company made maternity clothing. The company can now be found throughout over 100+ retail stores in the US.

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